About us

At ImpulsetoGrow we take on all the steps necessary to obtain the best answer for growth and disinvestment strategies. Our working style is based on these three premises:


We are interested in the people who drive an entrepreneurial adventure

This is our characteristic feature. What they are looking for? What they need? What they aspire to? When we begin to work with someone, we start by reflecting on how they manage the business, and on where they wish to take it. What are their necessities and aspirations, and those of their associates and investors? Only then do we move on to find the most efficient manner of meeting those objectives.


We work uniquely and exclusively in the technology start-up sector and with venture capital funds dedicated to this sector.

This helps us to understand perfectly the particularities and critical points of each sub-sector, as well as its actors and requirements.


We are in this business because we love it, because it is our passion.

Like the doctor who fights passionately to cure his patients, like the teacher who feels proud of the growth and progression of those who were his students, and like the scientists who enjoys investigating and scrutinizing the mysteries of nature; we live with passion and it makes us happy to know that we have contributed to our clients’ reaching their objectives.

We have been entrepreneurs, managers, and investors. This triple perspective allows us to the challenges of the processes of incorporation and financing in the most complete way possible.

Our experience shows us that searching for financing or selling your business is hardly compatible with day-to-day work. Entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed when they have to respond on both fronts at the same time in an environment of accelerated change. ImpulsetoGrow allows you to focus on making your business grow. We take care of the rest.



Francisco Badia
Francisco BadiaIndustrial engineer and lawyer
He has been in the start-up sector for more than 15 years. He has been an entrepreneur, manager, and adviser. He is especially interested in the human side of entrepreneurs. His focus is in strategy and negotiation and in the structuring of operations, combining in a unique form his experience as a manager and entrepreneur and his experience as a lawyer. He’s the author of the book “Meaningful Entrepreneurship”.
Mireia Mir Pomés
Mireia Mir PomésEconomist, Entrepreneur and Business Angel
She has been developing her activity in the digital sector for 20 years, with experience as an entrepreneur, investor and advising startups in the search for financing, both public and private. What she is most passionate about is helping enterprising people to make their dreams come true.